Information for Beginners

Training attire

Prospective students often ask what they should wear for training.  The best attire consists of  100% cotton gi (top), hakama (bottom) and obi (belt).  For most students, we recommend those used for kendo.  We have had good results ordering from  Specifically,

Gi:  Dark Navy Shoazome single or double layer

Hakama: Dark Navy Shoazome #5000 or #10,000

Obi:  Deluxe kaku obi for iai (your choice of color)

Note:  e-bogu sometimes offers sales on gi/hakama combinations.

Kyudo students should wear a cotton/poly blend hakama and a short-sleeve kyudogi.  You can buy these at  They also sell obi.

As an alternative, we sell white cotton obi (hara belts) that are secured with Velcro (instead of needing to be tied).  Not only are these less expensive than the iai obis but they are unobtrusive enough to be worn under regular clothing.  This allows you to wear them in your daily life.

We realize that most people will not want to purchase training attire before they know our training is right for them. Until then, it is best to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing, such as tracksuit or yoga apparel.  However, we strongly recommend wearing an obi whenever training.  One of the velcro hara belts (described above) is ideal for use with exercise clothing. Please do not wear shorts at the dojo.


Zazen Cushions

You will need your own cushions for home practice.  These include both a larger (zabuton) and smaller (zabu) cushion.  A good source is  We recommend their deluxe zabuton and their 5 inch rectangular meditation cushion (zabu).  In the past, we have asked them to substitute buckwheat for kapok for the zabu filling.

Basic Readings
  • Introduction to Zen Training, by Sogen Omori. Omori Rotaishi was the founder of the Chozen-ji lineage of Zen.  In it, he describes the underlying principles and methods of our system.
  • Fudochi For more information or to purchase, please contact us.

For Kyudo students [or those interested in Kyudo]