Training Opportunities

Ongoing Zazen at Madison Dojo
Group zazen is held weekday mornings, Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings at the Madison Dojo.  See the online calendar for times. A monthly virtual group zazen is held once a month. See the online calendar for times.

Kyudo, the “Way of the Bow”is often referred to as the “Zen Art of Archery”.  The Chozen-ji school of Kyudo was founded by Jackson Morisawa.  It views kyudo as a form of shugyo (intense spiritual training). Accordingly, there are neither  competitions nor promotion tests in Chozen-ji kyudo.

Kyudo training is conducted at the Madison Dojo under the supervision of Kushner Roshi, who is the Headmaster of the Chozen-ji School of Kyudo.  See the calendar for the training schedule.

Spring Green Dojo Work Weekends

We deliberately bought land empty of buildings when we started development of Spring Green Dojo. We did this because we wanted the opportunity to figure out how to use the resources at hand to construct the facilities we need. This means that there is a great deal of manual labor needed on an ongoing basis. To meet this need, we have occasional weekends that combine Zen training in the early morning and the evening with necessary work done during the day. We have learned to accommodate individuals of all ages and abilities into these kind of events and find that they often are a good way to introduce who we are and how we train to people new to Zen.


Sesshin is the Japanese word for a period of intensive training in Zen, sometimes for three days, sometimes for six. We hold four sesshin each year, following many of the traditional forms that have evolved over many centuries to foster the efficiency of your efforts. No sesshin is ever undertaken lightly but we design the autumn sesshin as a place to begin this form of training, meaning more direct teaching about what we do and why and fewer hours of formal meditation each day.
Please see upcoming events for dates.


LadyZen is a women-only program that brings women from all walks of life together to train in the Chozen-ji line of Rinzai Zen tradition. We train in okyo (chanting), kado (flower arranging), zazen (seated meditation), kendo (swordwork), and shodo (calligraphy). To learn more about this empowering program, please contact us for inquiries.


SummerZen is a week-long training program designed for young adults, ages 15 – 20. Using a broad range of activities, including formal Zen training, we emphasize team work and maximum effort by everyone involved. There are outdoor work projects, training in martial arts and hearty meals. One highlight every year is the canoe trip taken on the Wisconsin River the last night of the program.