Looking Ahead January 2018

Happy New Year! We are trying out a new look and feel for our communications. Let us know what you think.

A Buddhism of Breath & Bone

Head Priest of Spring Green Dojo, Gordon Greene, will be hosting a series of public conversations.

Beth: Gordon, this is your second year hosting a series of conversations about Zen for the local Madison community. To gain a better understanding of these conversations, can you explain a little bit more about A Buddhism of Breath & Bone?

Gordon: We practice a very physical form of Zen Buddhism. Our training methods emphasize deepening our breathing and optimizing our posture in the field of gravity. This is true both for beginners and those who have training for decades. What we learn about duality, what we learn about compassion, what we learn about all of the core principles of Buddhism are learned through our bodies and our senses.

Beth: Why do you feel “Art” is an important aspect of this conversation?

Gordon: Our training methods give us some meaningful perspectives on many aspects of ordinary life. This public lecture series gives a number of our teachers the chance to discuss what they have discovered through their training and the ways in which our perspectives may be of help to people who have no intention of ever training in Zen.

My talk, for example, is about the ways in which Zen art is not primarily a visual experience. This will seem counterintuitive to many people but if I can help them open up use of their other senses, the art examples can come alive in ways they don’t if you just look at them.

Beth: Thank you, Gordon. We look forward to your event at the end of this month. For more information and to reserve your space, register here.

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Thursday, January 25, 2018
A Buddhism of Breath & Bone: Art
Gordon Greene, Head Priest Spring Green Dojo

Tuesday, February 27, 2018
A Buddhism of Breath & Bone: Breath
Ken Kushner, Head Priest Spring Green Dojo

Thursday, March 22, 2018
A Buddhism of Breath & Bone: Soma
Alex Greene, Priest Spring Green Dojo

All events are open to the public.


We are developing a variety of programs for people who want to train in Zen through ceramics. One of these will be held the weekend of April 27-29, 2018. Both beginners and those who already have experience in ceramics will be welcome. The schedule for that weekend will include training in Zen meditation, training in use of the hara (the center of gravity for a properly relaxed body), as well as throwing clay Contact Scott Kiel for more information.

Updated Website

The website for the International Zen Dojo of Wisconsin has gone through extensive revision over the past few months. We now provide clear information for people who want to know more about our approach to Zen training, including information about clothes for training and basic reading suggestions. In addition, our senior teachers have been developing training materials over the past several years. These are now collected on the website along with links for accessing the materials.

Read more about news from our sister organization, the Institute for Zen Leadership.