Spring Green

The Spring Green Dojo is the rural Zen training facility for the Wisconsin Betsuin. This means it is a place where we can hold intensive training events such as the four sesshin we hold in spring, summer, fall and winter. And we hold a number of other workshops that have more flexible formats than traditional Zen training. Examples include workshops that focus on use of the body, on leadership, on young adult character development, on ceramics. Facilities are rustic but comfortable for year-round use.

The Dojo sits on 109 acres of woodland and meadow in the hilly area of southwest Wisconsin.  One feature of the land is that we can integrate use of the terrain, the rocks, the trees with our training methods. Our style of Zen training is highly physical such that learning the proper form for sitting in meditation by learning to split firewood seems perfectly natural. Learning to move heavy rocks is a very precise method to develop a relaxed and efficient use of the body that leads to discovery of the “hara,” a key component of Zen training. Learning to create resonance by shouting at full strength up on the ridge meadow leads to a much more refined use of sound when we do formal chanting.